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Domestic Violence Victim Remembrance

Clinton County, Pennsylvania DVAM
Clinton County, Pennsylvania DVAM



Clinton County, Pennsylvania DVAM
Clinton County, Pennsylvania DVAM


The prevalence of domestic violence is never lost on those who work every day to serve survivors. For others, it can be easy to dismiss domestic violence as a private matter and overlook its widespread prevalence. But chances are likely you know someone who is experiencing or has experienced violence by an intimate partner or family member, even if you aren’t aware of it happening. In fact, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes. That’s why each year October is acknowledged as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It provides an opportunity to raise awareness of domestic violence and what it is, how to recognize it, and what we can all do to collectively prevent it.

In Pennsylvania, we also dedicate the month of October to remember all of the victims whose lives were tragically cut short as a result of domestic violence. Last year in Pennsylvania, 112 women, children and men, ranging in age from under 1 to over 65, lost their lives to domestic violence. During the week of October 5, the State Capitol building lights will turn purple in memory of the 112 lives lost in 2019.

“The lighting of this candle is to honor and remember those who lost their lives to domestic violence, those who have survived, and those still struggling to break free…”

Justina Smith - Age 27

Jon S. Smith, Jr. - Age 10

Jennifer L. Smith - Age 6

Justin M. Smith - Age 4

Charlaine "Pickles" Shank - Age 37

Christopher Shank - Age 16

Bernon Shank, Jr. - Age 14

Ryan Shank - Age 3

Leon "Andy" Andrus, Jr. - Age 37

Neva J. Askey - Age 31


B.C. - Age unknown

Evaline E. Shilling - Age 59

Lori Ann Spangler - Age 35

Susan Cashner Copenhaver - Age 46

Tiffany Zimmerman - Age 21

Nancy Meixel - Age 61

Dusty M. Kleese - Age 31

Jodi Warshaw - Age 36

Kelley Jo Snyder - Age 34

All Unnamed Victims of Domestic Violence

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